Saturday, 26 November 2011


It is autumn, 
how do I know? I have sinuses and
in the garden I look twice big as in Summer (I mean to many jumpers), 
and we are raking and raking, and leaves are falling and falling 

Everything is so nice 

And so inspiring
So I warm up myself with Autumn hat 
For pattern click on the right, free

And I warm up someone else too
His name is Harry - William, 100 % cotton and polyester

Saturday, 15 October 2011

bird, birds, birds, full hands of birds

be free like bird 
such a freedom

knit to the freedom

 we find ourselves on Isle of Wight one days, and some seabirds too 
one early morning and one lost stranger 

and some of mine enjoying  fresh air

you are welcome check my pattern for KIM-KIM birds (on the left) which is free or you can order them and I will make them for you or you can check DING-DONG bird in my Etsy shop 
 some very sleepy 
 some showy one 
and one shy one

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mittens Mariet

Something no very complicated in bit complicated time.
If you find the courage you can buy pattern by click here and write upset comments to me. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ham house socks

Ham house socks
or any house socks, so far they are warm and make you happy

Ham house socks are socks for heavy duty. When you are gardener you know, what I mean. Ham house is place where I am working as gardener. Lovely place. Garden with no so much flowers but with character. And I try put in this socks things from there. House as a first, acer campestre – trees in the wilderness, dog Huckleberry (because there are make as present for his owner) arches from hornbeam or carpinus betulus, and our espalier fruit trees by the garden walls and lavender and dianthus.

If you would like to see howto make them or make them you are welcome, click here or on the right side is the list of free patterns, help yourself  

 I just love this sky, destination of my prays,

I have some kind of socks knitting time.
Every single stitch is one short moment of life. Thousands of little moments joined together by yarn to create something what doesn`t have sense for 99% of population and for some (one) members of your family. To be honest I dont understand ether, sometimes. Why I do this? Why...
 Knitting is little moment (precisely - thousands little moments) when I discussing with myself  my way, when I pray, when I am asking, when I am wishing for my dreams to cam true, when I am crying when my dream don`t cam true (to often this days). It is moment, what make me different, although I dont like to feel different.
 It is time which make different in my life, because its give me time for being myself and being with myself.
It is my mantra, goes on and on, repeating hundreds and hundreds times. Just cam to some target and start again.
And also it can be some kind of very personal chronicle, diary full of memories, you wouldn`t think, but every row has his history. It is shame when you knit garment full of bad memories in your hard time.

my lot of socks
some of them they saw quite a lot and had to hear even more
Some were born on bus, some on tube, some of them watch movie and most of them have to bear classic music,their are very classic socks 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

beauty gone?

 asphodeline - even her flower did look so impresive
 Catanache cearulea waiting for wind sow his tears - like seeds

Thursday, 14 July 2011

blue sock, blue planet, blue wheal, blue bell

My cleaver socks, I feel smart, I make them two together, I know no really together, so cleaver I am not. I did start them from toes, very good help I find here or here. Just one visit of Oxford and all this smart and over educated dust doesn`t live you without effect. So I find courage do something new. Making blue socks, watch blue planet with David Attenborough and follow story about blue wheal.

and on the and clemantis (bell)

lavender socks

Sunday, 10 July 2011


I do apologize everyone who tried see the lavender socks, my computer temporary died, my solution was trow him against the wall. For our safety I did take rest, and left him fix himself. Today socks are here, enjoy them.
I have not big illusions about my legs, just bear it. So far they take me on places like this
                                                      Oxford university botanic garden, now I feel sooo smart
                                                                       I can make tip toe socks, hm, wait for result everyone
                                                                       and place like this

or like this
This is Gulseren, she has same obsession, gardening, it is nice someone who has same syndromes, you don`t feel lonely

Saturday, 2 July 2011

blue, blue blooming time

 Norah Jones has a song I love you when you are blue, I did sing for my husband, it did not help me ( mean my singing ), he is still with me.
I enjoy blue blues in garden
Double larkspur - delphinium proudly showing up in kitchen garden

And I am proud of my new purple socks which grow fast, (you can see picture, Gulseren helps too)  they just need heels and toes, I couldn`t resist sale, as a result I have bit more wool and looooooooooooot of plans and projects. I haven`t got enough double pointed needle.      Somehow I have big sock`s ambitions.


This is darling Catanache cearulea - cupid`s dart, so nice shy blue               and lavender, so many of them

Sunday, 19 June 2011

fishy day

Although I am working in the Garden and in garden with really big G, I had ambition have my own little pleasure centre. So, I have my strip of garden, 100cm x 40 cm. But so nice surprise. I went planting "grow your own" leek from Jimmy Olivier, and it was necessary to be honest. after few more days in the bathroom, when he start looking bit unfriendly waiting for my day of and I start fell uncomfortable on the toilet. So we find time. And I cam down and my vegetable strip has double size. He did`t grow up, may be I know who done it, somebody is supporting my desperation for  garden. So happy I have mystery Garden. What to put there? 
I started new blanket which supposed be cushion, full of fish. Fish because it is gardenfriendly animal, which doesn't eat our lettuce, cabbage  and kale.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I did fell bit overprotective. But after what oversized pigeons finished our lettuces, our green peas, I fell we have to do something what we buil, we weaved and we have Kale and Cabbages in the weird cages but save, although they tested them. And people liked, they make more pictures of them than i had from my wedding. 

So I made, my friendly birds.
 my Kim- Kim birds
for comfort of beans. It is like knit biiiig tent from birch. Their are lovely. Unlike pure beans,but they had strong character, they did not gave up, they go up.

good birds, and cute

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

start and finish

I cam, I start working and famous Cherry garden looked like this
and after while and few broken forks and painful backs it look like this.
Sooo many people disappointed see just little bits of lavender and sanotolinas, with garden you have to be so patient as with knitting.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Something pink

                                                        Phlox douglasii Rosea, f. Polemonaceae

I did wish to make something pink for my niece,she loves pink,so I made Teddy bear Milka. Milka is my friend, up and down in love and romantic. No everyone can be alone.
And because I think everyone have to have some teddy bear. So if you like to have one you can order one or you can make one, and do it or order the right one for someone or for yourself. Put in it what you like to say about recipient,or about yourself, make it one, it can be challenging but finish can make someone so happy. Hold something so soft and lovely, made from love and watched at you with biiig button`s eyes which you can not lie. Why not.
If you would like to order one or purchase the pattern, please click here

Sooo may I present you Milka and Munna and Munni and Isabella 


I find the place. I am bit concern if this word find is appropriat for something big as couple square kilometers. But is beautiful place, green, quite, what in London mean farther from Heatrow.  When I need think I need walk, be lost, go far and cam back.  My husband call this runaway. I do call this sense of selfpreservation.

1st of may

It was first may, and since I was child I saw and heard  how people in love kissing together under the cherry trees full in bloom. And declare they never ending love. I was ready for this. My husband did  understand, obviously. (anyway his favorite word) An finally I realize you can rely on something so power full as nature is

flowers gone
But, when I think about this, may be it is good. Isn`t forever to long?  

Sunday, 1 May 2011

White mood

we have wedding time here in London, so something white, something fragile, and lovely 

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A big day

And big day came.
On the picture is cherry garden, without cherrys (only two in the pots). And you can see Santolinas a Lavender, I will look after them. I will dig them out, precisely. And they are more gardens, one is vegetable I will look after it. I did dream about this so much and I get it. And I am so ohhh. So, the place call  Ham house and I will be there gardener. Only little one and short term one, but ............
I know some people have weird dreams, and sometimes they cam truth.