Saturday, 2 July 2011

blue, blue blooming time

 Norah Jones has a song I love you when you are blue, I did sing for my husband, it did not help me ( mean my singing ), he is still with me.
I enjoy blue blues in garden
Double larkspur - delphinium proudly showing up in kitchen garden

And I am proud of my new purple socks which grow fast, (you can see picture, Gulseren helps too)  they just need heels and toes, I couldn`t resist sale, as a result I have bit more wool and looooooooooooot of plans and projects. I haven`t got enough double pointed needle.      Somehow I have big sock`s ambitions.


This is darling Catanache cearulea - cupid`s dart, so nice shy blue               and lavender, so many of them

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