Saturday, 15 September 2012

News, new blog

My lovely people I am very appreciated for your interest, and I would like to invite you to my new blog, hard to say it would be better, but any new start has his promises, still you can take free patterns from here. You are very welcome.
 by the way iam spinning too

Thursday, 14 June 2012


I like wraping myself

This lovely two skeins cam from Uruguay, from hand painted yarn, they made their way from Montevideo, to Buenos Aires, to Barcelona, to Germany, West Midlands, Heathrow and to me. Nice. And to keep world travelling spirit I choose Japanes waves shawl by Monique Boonstra

And bit of mystery with Kirsten Kapur

In which I confused size of needles and wool too, but happy working on it. I received today clue numb.3
so lets go work

And next is my for ever and never ending, simple triangular stripy, when you watching crime movie it is very good project