For to make Kim-Kim bird you will need any bits and pieces of wool, cotton or yarn. Stuffing, I did use Supersoft toy filling 100 % Hi-loft polyester. Buttons, for make them see, I mean for eyes. And set of double pointed needles, size which required to your wool. I did use cotton.

Stockinet stitches, except the neck where you will knit in rows.


Cast on 8 sts, divide on three needle 2-4-2, joined them and knit.
You will add the stitches on the beginning 1st needle and on the end of 3rd needle. 
1st round - kfb, k6, m1 - 10sts
2nd round - k10
3rd round - kfb,k8, m1 - 12sts

On the first 22 round you will add stitch on every second round,you will have 30 sts you have tail.
From next round you will add stitches on every round in the same point as previously, until you have 54 sts. In this part you can knit any of my suggestions, or just continue with stripes or make your own, it is your bird. Any of this it should be app 12 rounds.

After this you will start decreasing on the same side as you increased. Also 1 sts on the beginning of the first needle and on the end of the third.

When you cam to 30 sts all together, all needles, mark the centre of the back (pink-orange marker on the top of the picture) it will be your begging. And cut the yarn 
In this stage you will knit in the row. For easer knitting it is good to keep more than two needles.

1st row – K13 (from pink marker), k2tog, sl 1, k1, psso,(this is middle and you keeping decreasing as you done before), K12, and you are before your last stitch before pink marker, keep stitch on the left needle  - yarn forward, slip this last stitch on right right needle, yarn back, slip wrapped stitch back to left (LH) needle (remember you are knitting now in rows, so turn knitting and continue in purl - you won`t working with wrapped stitches
2nd row – P11, p2tog, ssp (center), P11, yarn back, sl next st, yarn forward, sl wrapped st back to LH needle
3rd row – K10, k2tog, sl1, k1, psso, K9,(on the left needle you have one st already wrapped - don`t touch - and one waiting to be wrapped) yf, sl next st, yb, sl wrapped st back to LH needle
4th row – P8, p2tog, ssp , P8, yb, sl next st, yf,sl wrapped st back to LH needle
…. Continue till you have 11 sts. keep them on the needles. Through the opening stuff stuffing, firmly, as much as you wish.



Start working on the head, again you will need a set of double pointed needles, divide stitches on the needles 3-3-3-2,and you will knit again stockinette stitches, in round.  
1st round kfb,k2//k2,m1//kfb,k2//k1,m1
 //- mean next needle
 Basically you will increasing on the same point as you decreased them before and on the centre of the back. See the picture below.

 Now you will add 4sts in one round. After what you will have  approx. 40 sts, knit 4 round and start decrease again 2 sts - k2tog, skpo, on the back and 2 sts on the center, skpo, k2tog, in every round. 
 You will need to stuff head with stuffing, do it this when you have enough big opening.  Continue decreasing till you have no more than 4 sts. Thread yarn through sts and secure. Weave in all loose ends.

Cast on 8 sts, work on three needles, knit 12 round, to finish k2tog 4X,  you will have 4sts. Thread yarn through sts and secure. Stuff with stuffing and sew in the front of the head. On the sides place the buttons - eyes.

K - knit
P - purl
k2tog - knit 2 together
skpo - slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over
kfb - knit into front and back of next stitch
m1 - make one stitch by picking up the loop lying between the stitch just worked and the next stitch and working into the back of it
sl - slip
p2tog - purl 2 together
ssp - slip slip purl (holding yarn in front, slip two sts knitwise one at a time onto right needle,slip them back onto left needle and purl the two sts together trough back loops)
psso - pass slip stitch over
yon - yarn over needle
yf - yarn to the front, as if to purl
yb - yarn back, as if to knit