Thursday, 14 July 2011

blue sock, blue planet, blue wheal, blue bell

My cleaver socks, I feel smart, I make them two together, I know no really together, so cleaver I am not. I did start them from toes, very good help I find here or here. Just one visit of Oxford and all this smart and over educated dust doesn`t live you without effect. So I find courage do something new. Making blue socks, watch blue planet with David Attenborough and follow story about blue wheal.

and on the and clemantis (bell)

lavender socks

Sunday, 10 July 2011


I do apologize everyone who tried see the lavender socks, my computer temporary died, my solution was trow him against the wall. For our safety I did take rest, and left him fix himself. Today socks are here, enjoy them.
I have not big illusions about my legs, just bear it. So far they take me on places like this
                                                      Oxford university botanic garden, now I feel sooo smart
                                                                       I can make tip toe socks, hm, wait for result everyone
                                                                       and place like this

or like this
This is Gulseren, she has same obsession, gardening, it is nice someone who has same syndromes, you don`t feel lonely

Saturday, 2 July 2011

blue, blue blooming time

 Norah Jones has a song I love you when you are blue, I did sing for my husband, it did not help me ( mean my singing ), he is still with me.
I enjoy blue blues in garden
Double larkspur - delphinium proudly showing up in kitchen garden

And I am proud of my new purple socks which grow fast, (you can see picture, Gulseren helps too)  they just need heels and toes, I couldn`t resist sale, as a result I have bit more wool and looooooooooooot of plans and projects. I haven`t got enough double pointed needle.      Somehow I have big sock`s ambitions.


This is darling Catanache cearulea - cupid`s dart, so nice shy blue               and lavender, so many of them