Monday, 2 May 2011

Something pink

                                                        Phlox douglasii Rosea, f. Polemonaceae

I did wish to make something pink for my niece,she loves pink,so I made Teddy bear Milka. Milka is my friend, up and down in love and romantic. No everyone can be alone.
And because I think everyone have to have some teddy bear. So if you like to have one you can order one or you can make one, and do it or order the right one for someone or for yourself. Put in it what you like to say about recipient,or about yourself, make it one, it can be challenging but finish can make someone so happy. Hold something so soft and lovely, made from love and watched at you with biiig button`s eyes which you can not lie. Why not.
If you would like to order one or purchase the pattern, please click here

Sooo may I present you Milka and Munna and Munni and Isabella 


I find the place. I am bit concern if this word find is appropriat for something big as couple square kilometers. But is beautiful place, green, quite, what in London mean farther from Heatrow.  When I need think I need walk, be lost, go far and cam back.  My husband call this runaway. I do call this sense of selfpreservation.

1st of may

It was first may, and since I was child I saw and heard  how people in love kissing together under the cherry trees full in bloom. And declare they never ending love. I was ready for this. My husband did  understand, obviously. (anyway his favorite word) An finally I realize you can rely on something so power full as nature is

flowers gone
But, when I think about this, may be it is good. Isn`t forever to long?  

Sunday, 1 May 2011

White mood

we have wedding time here in London, so something white, something fragile, and lovely