pattern Autumn hat


 Rowan Pure wool DK – Kiss 030
                 Patsley 020
                 Port 037
                 Navy 011
                 Anthracite 003
 Rowan Pure wool 4Ply – Ochre 461
                       Gerbera 454
 Artesano – Superwash merino DK – Sandy yellow 7254
All balls are 50g each. You can use some west yarn.
Feel free to choose your own colour combination.

Needles – set of double pointed needles 3mm, crochet hook and tapestry needle

Gauge – 16sts/18row – 2X2in, or 5X5cm

Cast on 154 sts of Port colour, divide on needles evenly, joined
1st – 12th round – k1, p1 (Port colour)
13th round – k2tog, yf repeat until end of the round – this is place where you will fold rib (instruction will follow later)
14th – 16th round – k1, p1 (Port colour)
17th – 19th round – k1 (Parsley colour), p1 (Port colour)
20th – k1 (Kiss), p1 (Port colour)
21st – 23rd round - (Parsley colour), p1 (Port colour)
24th – 25th round - k1, p1 (Port colour)

26th round – knit (Port colour) increase evenly to 168 sts. Next rounds just follow the chart, you should have 14 flowers.  

colours used :
1st stripe use Kiss and Parsley
2nd stripe – Navy and Ochre
3rd stripe – Anthracite and Gerbera
4th stripe - Ochre and Port
5th stripe – Parsley and Ochre
6th stripe – Kiss and Navy
7th stripe – Ochre and Kiss
Sandy yellow Artesano is used in every stripe as centre of flower

After finished 4th stripe or 44 rounds of chart - k23, k3tog, continue k3tog on the same point until you cam to 8 sts. Break yarn and thread through remained 8 sts. Pull up tight and fasten off securely.

On the end fold the beginning of your knitting, first half of the rib, and sew it to the end of the rib from wrong side by same colour of the yarn.

Abbreviation – k – knit
               P – purl
               K2tog – knit two together
              K3tog – knit three together

All pattern elements, written and graphic, copyright Zuzana Hrabcakova, 2011.   Pattern is for not-for-profit use only.  Please do
not reproduce, redistribute, or sell the pattern or finished object.
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