Sunday, 19 June 2011

fishy day

Although I am working in the Garden and in garden with really big G, I had ambition have my own little pleasure centre. So, I have my strip of garden, 100cm x 40 cm. But so nice surprise. I went planting "grow your own" leek from Jimmy Olivier, and it was necessary to be honest. after few more days in the bathroom, when he start looking bit unfriendly waiting for my day of and I start fell uncomfortable on the toilet. So we find time. And I cam down and my vegetable strip has double size. He did`t grow up, may be I know who done it, somebody is supporting my desperation for  garden. So happy I have mystery Garden. What to put there? 
I started new blanket which supposed be cushion, full of fish. Fish because it is gardenfriendly animal, which doesn't eat our lettuce, cabbage  and kale.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I did fell bit overprotective. But after what oversized pigeons finished our lettuces, our green peas, I fell we have to do something what we buil, we weaved and we have Kale and Cabbages in the weird cages but save, although they tested them. And people liked, they make more pictures of them than i had from my wedding. 

So I made, my friendly birds.
 my Kim- Kim birds
for comfort of beans. It is like knit biiiig tent from birch. Their are lovely. Unlike pure beans,but they had strong character, they did not gave up, they go up.

good birds, and cute

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

start and finish

I cam, I start working and famous Cherry garden looked like this
and after while and few broken forks and painful backs it look like this.
Sooo many people disappointed see just little bits of lavender and sanotolinas, with garden you have to be so patient as with knitting.