Friday, 19 August 2011

 I just love this sky, destination of my prays,

I have some kind of socks knitting time.
Every single stitch is one short moment of life. Thousands of little moments joined together by yarn to create something what doesn`t have sense for 99% of population and for some (one) members of your family. To be honest I dont understand ether, sometimes. Why I do this? Why...
 Knitting is little moment (precisely - thousands little moments) when I discussing with myself  my way, when I pray, when I am asking, when I am wishing for my dreams to cam true, when I am crying when my dream don`t cam true (to often this days). It is moment, what make me different, although I dont like to feel different.
 It is time which make different in my life, because its give me time for being myself and being with myself.
It is my mantra, goes on and on, repeating hundreds and hundreds times. Just cam to some target and start again.
And also it can be some kind of very personal chronicle, diary full of memories, you wouldn`t think, but every row has his history. It is shame when you knit garment full of bad memories in your hard time.

my lot of socks
some of them they saw quite a lot and had to hear even more
Some were born on bus, some on tube, some of them watch movie and most of them have to bear classic music,their are very classic socks 

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