Wednesday, 20 April 2011


How seldom did one see a face sparkling with intelligence,how seldom a femme bien miss! What was this passion that attacked women for knitting under the most unpropitious condition? A woman did not look her best knitting; the absorption, the glassy eyes, the restless, busy finger! One needed the agility of wild cat, and the will-power of Napoleon to manage to knit in a crowded tube, but women manage it! If they succeeded in obtaining seat,out came a miserable little strip of shrimp pink and click. click went the pins! No repose, thought  Poirot, no feminine grace!

 My husband`s solution in public transport - because he never know what I will pull out from my bag, could be book sometime, but make sure, he choosing seats in safe distance. 

Uvularia grandiflora `Pallida`

So lovely weird and twisted. 

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