Saturday, 9 April 2011


As foreigner who would like to improve his English I did attend ESOL classes, Didn`t help so much, although I had very nice teacher, Debbie,  classmates and Isabella.
 Issabela is Italian, although she doesn`t look like Italian people should look,  she is little women with brain and confidence and everything what I dream about. With here feet on the earth and on the way which she choose the direction. As mater of fact my friends are great collection of people with nice character,  which I collect, and hoping it will infect and effect me even in little amount and I became better person.
 Since my childhood I am dreaming be Italian, not just because I love their language, and their gestures, and movies and art and countryside.
 Just think, you cry because sad love, broken heart, people around you just whisper, poor thing,  it is alright when you are Italian.  You are yelling, it is fine you are Italian, I did shout, and I am insensible, unwise, hot short tempered, bad woman. Italian lady is trowing things on the floor, it is acceptable, of course depends what things. I did trow our TV on the floor and I was hysteric, so shame, as result my husband has new biggest TV, and I feel ashamed ever since. 
Throwing partner`s stuff trough the window you are only rightful  upset Italian lady, rightfull upset with partner`s bad behavior, because partner never behave good.  I did throw stuff trough the window, and I was nusty, I love my husband, but what this underwear doing on our table? Didn`t look better under the window, but husband is now more careful. So you have to admit so many advantages for behave as you feel.  
 Or at least in movies it works like this. 

                                          Horse Isabella. so different,so wild,
                  my next knitting reflection of people what I love.
And one more. Isn`t it  beauty, I don`t mean the ladies,they are alright, in fact their are great, because their are students of gardening and horticulture, but I mean their dress, so lovely. And by accident it is Horrocks`prints you can check here, so somethings nice for Isabella.

And I am growing also, sweet pea (LATHYRUS ODORTHUS) singing the blue, So Gulseren be ready

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  1. Love your blog. You are so fabulously creative!