Friday, 15 April 2011


Once upon the time, I was invited for interview, for new job - carpet designer. It was far far faraway in place where only few people live and all of them know everything about everyone. And foxes give good night and bears good morning, and deers and forest are everywhere, what is nice. But just this I don not talking about London and Richmond park. Although I like solitude, but not isolation. So as you can guess, no many applicants applied for job, only one. My. And I get it. After six moths what tried get in, do same use of my, I was told they are not satisfied, so they did not prolong my contract,  and I left. Truly, I was not surprised, when I done something, I never could repeat recipe. My progressive suggestion did not meet positive approach from our Russian contractor. So at least my sister and my dogs had little piece of carpet soft as clouds and colour which you can not buy anywhere else.

Conclusion I would prefer fight with competition and hate them after, and be jealous and couple years admit they are really better then me, then win because no one else bother to cam.

And follow my dream and instinct. Anyway my inbox remind my little cemetery full of dead dreams and dissapointemnt, and rejections writing so polite.
 It is EASTER.  And we have to believe.

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