Friday, 8 June 2012

I never had teddy bear. At least I do not remember had some. I had teddy dog, little, cute. It was eaten by our dog, not that we did not feed him enough, just he (teddy dog) was nice chewy. Very tempting. I had also favourite doll, she get lost. I suspected some of neighbour children and cousins, may be that's why I am very cautious about people when come visit us. Other way I am quit friendly, I give them food and drinks. Just do not touch my toys. And do not ask why they had legs of different colours.

Valentine teddy bear, I called him biftek

Munna and Munni, suffering in India, lost already eye, children shouldn't be aloud to play with so precious teddy until they are 12, at least

Teddy bear Milka, suffer neck injuries cased by my niece in |Slovakia, can`t say nothing wrong, I was told we are alike.

Teddy bear Dada, later Bubba, travel to Australia, with very very personal mission

Jacob, he is in  Cheshire

And this is living party for Jacob, before he travel to Haifa, he is second from left, nearly twin of Munna

Milka II she went to USA

Next one with injury, in this case leg need mending

Mr. Bear, now in Lewisville USA, I hope he make someone happy

Brothers Blueberry, one enjoys fresh air in Scotland, lucky him

                                                                                              Little teddy, cousin of Blueberry boys,  
                                                                                        you can see this family resemblance

Mr. Franz, made from wool of Bluefaced Leicester and Mr.Smith made from wool from Shetland Island
Mr Jacob, because he is made from nice pure wool of Jacob sheep from here
and I have nice story from nice lady from the farm.

Mr. Cloony, he looks like clown, he is new man in the house

 And this is my last, he is made from100% organic  Manx loghtan wool,
                                          just my little bit to support people which decide care about sheep

And now we have teddys everywhere, almost everywhere. And they are going everywhere too, as you could see.

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